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Hey Bestivalites, we’re can’t wait for you to join our Circus. Here’s some handy stuff you need to know to make it an even better festi for you and everyone else. Read all, enjoy Bestival and be excellent to each other. Increase The Peace!



This contains all the information below, PLUS travel info, terms & conditions, etc


All tickets feature a barcode, which is unique to each ticket. This barcode will be scanned on entry to the festival to ensure you have a genuine ticket. Each barcode will only allow entry for one person. Please do not buy tickets from unauthorised outlets, as these tickets are liable to be fakes with duplicated barcodes that will not gain you entry. Please also avoid posting pictures of your tickets on social media as the barcodes can be copied.


Thurs 2nd Aug: The car park & campervan/caravan fields & box offices open at 9am. The campsites open at midday.

Fri/Sat/Sun: Car park & box offices open at 9am.

Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun: No entry into Bestival after midnight on any night. No entry on Sunday after 9.30pm.

Mon 6th Aug: Campsites close at 4pm and the car park closes at 6pm.


You are allowed to bring in a limited amount of alcohol for consumption in the campsites only. The maximum you can bring in per person is

16 × 440ml cans of lager/cider/beer
17 × 250ml cans of premix spirit drinks
3-litre carton/bag/box of wine
7-litres of cider/lager/beer in plastic bottles/cans/bags

Neat spirits are not allowed. You will be asked to leave excess quantities outside the event. You will NOT be allowed to re-enter the festival site with alcohol once you’ve entered the festival site via the entrance gates. See a list of our prohibited items here.

Alcohol can be brought into the campsite on first entry only with a Weekend Camping Ticket. For clarification Weekend Non-Camping and Day ticketholders cannot bring alcohol.

You will not be allowed to bring in glass bottles of any kind. Broken glass is dangerous for kids and for animals who will be using the park and fields after the event. Leave all glass in the car, decant it into plastic bottles or bin it. There are no exceptions.


Minimise packaging – please unpack all unnecessary cardboard and plastic around crates of beer / airbeds / tents before you leave home and avoid bringing plastic carrier bags with you.

Pick up your waste and bin it -­ please respect the beautiful land you are staying on and help us keep the Bestival site clean and tidy all weekend long by throwing your rubbish into the bins provided. Please do your bit!

Recycle -­ Please put all cans and plastic bottles in the recycle bins.

Take your tent home – most tents that are left-behind at Bestival end up in landfill, they don’t get recycled so please take them home with you.


We want Bestival to be as safe as possible for everyone who joins us at The Lulworth Estate. We not only want it to be The Most Colourful Show On Earth, but also the Friendliest Show, with the greatest people, too.

The Bestival vibe is all about the love, so we all need to look after each other. We want everyone to make sure they know where their friends are and make meet-up plans if anyone from your crew gets lost. If you’re worried about anyone, come and talk to us.

Let’s start a pay-it-forward ethic at Bestival too, spreading good times and happy vibes all round.

If you spot someone who looks like they’re in trouble, please don’t hesitate, let a member of security or a steward know, so we can help them. The whole Bestival team is very approachable, we won’t judge you, if you, your friends or someone you spot needs help, tell us and we’ll assist it. Our job as a festival is to give you all the best and the safest possible experience and we want that to be the case for every single person.

Please be wonderful to each other – Bestival is all about exploring yourself, your senses and having fun with your fellow festivalgoers in a safe environment.

Look after each other and be safe.

Read more info about safety in our Party Safe pages here.