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Clean, delicious and fresh drinking water is available in abundance at Bestival! And with the weather forecasting a hot summer (fingers crossed!), it’s important you keep yourself hydrated as much as possible.

Here are the ways you can get water at the festival…

1. Free Water taps
There are water taps available all over the festival in both the arenas as the campsites. The water is tested by our team and approved by Dorset City Council – it’s completely safe to drink and totally free; you just need to bring your own bottle or drinking vessel. We’d recommend getting yourself a Stainless Steel bottle from FRANK Water!

2. CanOWater
Bestival is not selling any plastic bottles on our bars this year, and instead working with CanOWater to offer a completely plastic-free alternative. CanO Water is filtered through the foothills of the Austrian Alps and makes its way through the ground to their spring where it’s collected and canned at source. With a high pH level of 7.9, CanOWater contains increased alkaline concentrations, aiding natural antioxidant properties to keep you looking and feeling fresh. And because these cans are 100% aluminium, they are fully recyclable!

3. FRANK Water
FRANK Water will be at the festival to offer chilled and filtered refillable water at multiple points around the show. You can pay £3.50 for an unlimited refill pass, or purchase one of their re-usable water bottles and re-fill for free all weekend! All profits from FRANK Water fund their amazing clean water projects in India and Nepal.