Before you take a look through our FAQs, you may want to read our full Bestival terms and conditions which might answer any questions you have.


Where’s my ticket/wristband?
Tickets will be sent out in batches throughout the year. All tickets will be exchanged for a wristband at the entrances to the festival. If you haven’t received your tickets 2 weeks before the event, or you have any other ticket enquiries, please contact your point of purchase:

Ticketline: 0844 888 4410 (Monday to Friday 10am-6pm or Saturday & Sunday 10am-4pm)

Are there any age limits?
All persons under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied at the festival by a parent, legal guardian or nominated guardian over the age of 30. No more than two Teens (age 13-17) are allowed per parent or guardian. Please ensure you read our terms & conditions in full.

Anyone under 18 trying to enter the festival with an adult or student ticket will not be permitted to enter the festival under any circumstances.

We will be operating and enforcing a strict Challenge 25 policy at Bestival. If you can’t provide valid identification when asked, you will be asked to leave the site and come back with your ID. So if you are lucky enough to look 25 or younger, please make sure that you bring an acceptable form of identification.

Valid forms of ID include:
- An in date photographic driver’s license or provisional licence.
- A valid passport (not a photocopy). Out of date passports will NOT be accepted.
- A Proof of Age Standards Scheme Card (showing the PASS hologram).

I have a student ticket but I don’t have a valid NUS or ISIC card – will I get turned away at the entrance?
If you have a student ticket then in order to use it, you do need to have a valid NUS or ISIC card – no other student ID accepted.

If you don’t have the valid ID then you can pay £10 at the box office (before you start to queue for a wristband), to upgrade your ticket from a student ticket to an adult ticket.

I want to bring my children who are aged 12 & under – do they need a ticket?
All children aged 12 & under on 07/09/2017 will need a free child ticket and must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or nominated guardian. Please ensure you read our terms & conditions in full.

I’ve signed up for the Weekly Payment Plan – when do my payments come out of my bank account?
On the same day each week – for example, if you buy your Payment Plan ticket and make your first payment on a Thursday, then the next payment will come out on the following Thursday, then the Thursday after that until the plan is complete.

I might miss a payment on my Weekly Payment Plan – what should I do?
Please contact Ticketline as soon as possible and they will be able to re-arrange your missed payment : Ticketline: 0844 888 4410 (Monday to Friday 10am-6pm or Saturday & Sunday 10am-4pm)

I have a problem or query with my ticket I bought via Streetteam – who should I contact?
If you have a problem or query with any tickets bought via Streetteam, please e-mail support@getstreetteam.com

Can I come on the Thursday?
All Weekend tickets include entry to the festival from Thursday. You are welcome to arrive on any day from Thursday to Sunday.

Is camping included with my ticket?
Yes access to our general campsites from Thursday to Monday is included with all Weekend Tickets. However if you are staying off site during the festival then you must buy a Non-Camping Ticket to allow you to leave the site and re-enter the festival. Non-Camping ticketlholders cannot bring camping equipment into the festival.

My friend is now using my ticket, do I need to get the name changed?
Anyone can use your ticket as no names are printed on them.

I have a campervan / caravan ticket, can I use this to gain entry to the festival
No you still need to purchase a weekend camping ticket to gain entry to the festival. You only need to purchase 1 campervan / caravan ticket per vehicle.


Where can I find stage times for all the acts?
Stage times will be available in the festival programme packs which you can purchase when you arrive at Bestival. They’ll also be available in the Bestival APP.

When can I get a timetable/line-up/programme?
Programmes are sold separately and are available to buy when you arrive at the festival. Please be careful to only buy from authorised vendors, programmes bought from unauthorised vendors are likely to be inaccurate and are a waste of your money.

Is there a Bestival mobile APP?
Bestival 2017 APP will be released nearer to the event.


When can I arrive / when do I have to leave?
Thursday 7th Sept: The car parks open at 9am and the campsites and box offices open at midday. If any timings change then we will update in the Info section.

Fri/Sat/Sun: Car parks & box offices are expected to open at 9am.

Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun: No entry into the site after midnight on any night.

Monday 11th September: Campsites close at 4pm and car parks close at 6pm.

I’m arriving by shuttle bus/car/coach/campervan/taxi – where will I arrive on site?
Shuttle Buses: Shuttle Buses (from Wool and Bournemouth) will be dropping off and picking up at the Shuttle Bus Depot near to the Castle Entrance at White Gate.

Taxi & Drop Off/Pick Up: You will be dropped off at the Castle Entrance and will have a walk through the festival site towards the campsites.

Coaches: All Big Green Coaches will also drop off (& pick up) from the Castle Entrance as above.

Cars: Please follow our directions to the Bestival site and car parks on this page.

NB. There are local road closures and diversions in place, please turn off your SAT NAV and follow event routing and signage to Bestival.

Campervans /Caravans: Please follow sign for ‘Campervans / Caravans’.

Backstage Camping & Hospitality Camping: Please look out for and follow the ‘Backstage Camping / Hospitality Camping’ signs so you know where to park for easiest access.

Camping Plus: Please look out for and follow the ‘Camping Plus’ signs so you know where to park for easiest access.

How much is the car park?
Car Parking Tickets are available for £15 in advance or you can pay £20 cash on arrival. You only need to buy a ticket once and it will be valid for the whole weekend, no matter how many times you come and go. Car Park tickets are available to buy in advance via Ticketline.

Where can I buy a ticket for the Shuttle Buses and how much do they cost?
Full details of our "2017 Shuttle Bus service will be announced shortly.


When I arrive, can I set up camp anywhere?
Yes you can set up camp in any of the coloured general campsites but not in any of the main music arenas.

You can only camp in the Boutique Campsite, Camping Plus, Backstage Camping, Hospitality Camping, Camplight and Pitch Village if you have booked to stay in those areas prior to the event.

There is small family campsite which you can only gain access to if you are with children. You will be given a wristband when you first enter the family campsite and will need them for the rest of the weekend to gain further access.

Check out more info on the Campsite Hubs here.

Accessibility Camping is available and needs to be applied for prior to the event. More info here.

Please note that Bestival’s entertainment goes until the early hours of the morning and campsites may be close to loud music, earplugs may be handy.

Is it possible to reserve/allocate a specific space for me in general camping or the campervan fields?

The only areas that it is possible to reserve a specific camping space at Bestival are in Camping Plus, Boutique Camping, Backstage Camping Hospitality, Camplight and Pitch Village where you pay a supplier for a pre-pitched structure.

The general camping areas are an open space where you find a free space to camp when you arrive. These areas have plenty of space and facilities, and the majority of people attending the festival stay in general camping.

Campervans are lined-up by our staff when they arrive; the first in will be the closest to the entrance to the festival, the last in will be furthest away. We can’t pre-allocate spaces in this area.

My friends are staying in the Boutique Campsite – can we camp with them?
Unfortunately not. No tents are allowed in the Boutique Campsite.

My friends are staying in Backstage Camping / Hospitality Camping – can we camp with them?
If you do not have a Backstage Camping / Hospitality Camping upgrade ticket then you can’t camp in those areas – if you have already purchased a Bestival ticket you can purchase upgrade tickets via Ticketline / 0844 888 4420.

My friends are staying in Camping Plus – can we camp with them?
Up to 4 adults can camp on a reserved Camping Plus plot.

My friends are staying in the Campervan field – can we camp with them?
Each campervan is allocated 9 × 6 metres of space, usually enough for an additional awning and/or a small tent. As long as you remain within their allocated pitch you can camp with them.

*I’ve got a Campervan and my friend has a Caravan…are we able to camp next to each other?*
Yes. To do so, please ensure both of you purchase Caravan tickets. You will then both go in this field.

Can I bring my own alcohol?
You are allowed to bring in a limited amount of alcohol for consumption in the campsites only. The maximum you can bring in per person is 1 crate of cans/plastic bottles (24 max.) & 70cl of spirits (incl. wine) in a plastic bottle or carton. You will be asked to leave excess quantities outside the event. You will NOT be allowed to re-enter the festival site with alcohol once you’ve entered the festival site via the entrance gates.

Alcohol cannot be brought into any of the main arenas/fields from the campsites. There are fully licensed bars available for you.

Please remember that glass is not allowed anywhere at Bestival so please make sure to decant anything you are planning to bring into the campsites into plastic containers before you arrive.

Can I bring my own alcohol if I have a Non-Camping Ticket?
Weekend Non-Camping ticketholders cannot bring alcohol.

Can I bring Nitrous Oxide to the festival?
The use or supply of Nitrous Oxide as a stimulant is not legal as it can only be supplied in this form by a registered pharmacist. Vendors or users are committing an offence under Section 52 of the Medicines Act 1968 of selling and/or supplying a pharmacy medicine not under the control of a pharmacist.

Bestival have a robust zero tolerance approach across the festival site to illegal drugs and legal highs alike. No illegal or legal highs of any sort are permitted to be brought into the event or to be sold within the festival grounds and should any person be found to be doing so they would be liable to our formal ejection process.

Are Chinese lanterns, flares, fireworks, generators or campfires allowed?
No, we have a no naked flame policy at the festival and in the campsite. Fires, flares, fireworks etc will be extinguished by the Dorset fire service. HOWEVER, there will be designated areas in the campsite where you’ll be able to go to use small BBQs and stoves to cook food. No generators are allowed at Bestival apart from those built into campervans or caravans.

Chinese lanterns pose a fire risk because of the large number of properties with thatched roofs and standing crops in the area. Given the abundance of large agricultural spaces and thatched roofs in the local area, we ask that you refrain from using them at Bestival.

Can I bring a small BBQs or stove to cook food
Yes you can bring these however you are only permitted to use them in the designated cooking areas which will be signposted in the campsites. Do not use cookers or disposable BBQs inside your tent, awning or campervan. Carbon monoxide can kill. Read more on Camping Gas Safety here. Note – the maximum gas canister size we allow at Bestival is 5kg.

Are there showers on site?
Yes there are showers available to use for campers at Bestival. Do be prepared for a queue in all areas including Boutique, Camping Plus, Backstage Camping and Hospitality Camping though. It’s probably best to do at off-peak times such as the afternoon when they are quieter.

Are there water points on site?
Yes there are plenty free water points located around the main arenas, fields and campsites. These will be marked on the site map.

Can I leave the festival site and then come back in?
This year we are introducing re-entry rules to respect our new neighbours and the local village. Please read the section in our terms and conditions. Pass-outs to access car parks only then re-enter the event are allowed until 4pm Friday with Weekend Camping Tickets. You will not be able to leave the event on foot via the car parks.

Please note there is no entry after midnight on any nights (no exceptions) – also please note the alcohol rules above.

I’m staying at a nearby hotel / b&b / friend’s house – can I leave the site and come back in the following day?
Yes as long as you purchase a Weekend Non-Camping ticket.

What’s happening on the Thursday?
All areas of the site will be open for action on the Thursday with a full line-up of live music and DJs in The Box, Bollywood, Caravanserai, Club Dada and more.

If security confiscates something from me, what should I do?
If it’s not illegal (this is a whole different ballgame), make sure you get the ID and name of the security guard and perhaps go with them to a lost property point run by Welfare where you can collect your item at the end of the festival or pay for it to be returned to you.

Are there lockers on site?
Yes there will be. Leaving valuables in your tent can be risky so please make use of the lockers at Bestival where you can also charge your mobile phone.

Can I bring my dog/cat/rabbit/gruffalo?
No pets or animals are allowed on site with the exception of registered guide dogs.

What are the dates for Bestival 2018?
They are still to be confirmed.

Please also check our full Bestival terms and conditions here.