Keep Bestival Green & Tidy


Please help us KEEP BESTIVAL GREEN & TIDY with the following easy steps:

1/ A tent is for life, not just for Bestival
Please, please, please pack up your tent and take it home with you at the end of the festival. Tents are very re-usable but utterly un-recyclable so those left behind have to be sent to a landfill site. Please be a better person and help us out here. Thank you.

2/ In the music arenas
There will be clusters of colour-coded bins all over the shop. Drop your cans in one, plastic bottles in another and then everything else can go in the black topped bin.

3/ In the campsites
There will be waste & recycling pens on all the main thoroughfares with loads of green and black bin bags tied onto them. Green for recycling (cans, plastic bottles, newspapers, leaflets, cartons) and Black for all other waste. Please grab one of each, take ‘em back to your tent and then bring ‘em back to the recycling pens when they’re getting full.

4. Earn easy money to buy more beer
All beer cups and cans purchased from our bars are worth 10p each. Collect a load and return them to one of our cup and can return points and you could easily have enough money to buy yourself and your mates a round.

5. Colourful compost loos
The colourful hand-painted loos you’ll see around site are cleaner, less stinky and require no water so please use them whenever you can. And your poo gets converted into compost to grow stuff afterwards, which is weird but kinda neat too!

6. That said, any loo will do… please just use one of them
Blokes (& some ladies)… please don’t piss anywhere you feel like. It’s very important that you use one of our toilets. Pissing against a fence might be ok in your back garden but the concentration of loads of you doing it on the Bestival site contaminates the land and kills off the wildlife.

7. Please don’t waste water
Bestival doesn’t run off the mains, we have to bring in our own water and store it in a large reservoir. Please do use the water to drink and wash but be careful to not leave taps running. And please report any leaking standpipes to the Campsite Hubs. Our preferred bottled water supplier Life Water is in bio-degradable plastic bottles and profits go to drop4drop Charity helping water projects in developing countries.

Bestival loves you very much for reading this.