Bestival Ambassadors

“Share the love, bring ya mates along to Bestival & get rewarded with truly unforgettable experiences!” Rob da Bank

The Bestival Ambassador programme is in place so we can say ‘thank you’ to our most loyal and deserving fans.

You are the people that continue to make Bestival such a success year after year and you deserve to have this opportunity.

By becoming a Bestival Ambassador and bringing your friends to Bestival, you’ll be able to earn the following rewards to share with friends:

- Tickets
- Free cocktails
- Food vouchers
- Entrance to the Lucky Cat Bar
- Camping Plus pitch
- Watch the main stage from the top of Lulworth Castle
- Captain the HMS Bestival ship
- Weekend pass to When Nature Calls
- Exclusive Camping
- Set off the World’s Largest Confetti Cannon
- Front of house entry


If you have already joined and want to log in to your account click here.

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Important Steps...

- Join the Bestival Ambassador team by signing up on the site here.
- To sell a ticket you simply need your connection’s email, name & phone number
- From the moment you sign up, you’re a Bestival Ambassador & our community manager Harriet will call you to explain the next steps
- Sell tickets to your connections
- Earn Rewards!

Top 10 Bestival Ambassador Leaderboard

Congrats to this week’s top sellers:

1. Pascal Bretagne
2. Roz Starrs
3. Danny Thorn
4. Ben Johnson
5. Robbie Matonti
6. Darcy Paver
7. Harrison Davies-Rowe
8. Max Harwood
9. Alice Taylor
10. Archie Osei

Wanna be on the Become a Bestival ambassadors and earn your place on the leaderboard by bringing your friends to Bestival? Sign up here.


When will I receive my ticket?
All tickets are dispatched in the same way. If your ticket hasn’t arrived 2 weeks prior to the event please get in touch with StreetTeam via From there the team will be able to track your ticket down and inform you about the next steps.

How do I change the delivery address for my ticket?
Please log on to your account at, Here you can see all your purchased tickets and will have the ability to change the delivery address should you need to.

What do I do once I have been allocated my rewarded ticket?
Make sure you have the correct dispatch details for your ticket. Visit where you will be able to view your ticket & fill in all your own information before the festival.

How can I trust the Bestival Ambassador I’m buying a ticket from?
If you have any doubts about the person you’re buying a ticket from please do not hesitate to email and they can check their details on their database. We strongly advise you to only buy tickets from someone who you know and trust.

I would like to join the Bestival Ambassador team, how do I sign up?
Please visit this page and create an account or click the image and sign up there. Our team will be in contact soon after to welcome you to the programme and answer any questions you may have. If you have any issues please send an e-mail to Harriet Cross at

I would like to know more about being a Bestival Ambassador?
Please email Harriet at Harriet runs the programme and is a fountain of knowledge for all our Bestival Ambassadors. Send over your phone number and she will call you as soon as possible to help you out.

If you have a problem or query with any tickets bought via StreetTeam, please e-mail