The Valley

Rocking out on the down low, The Valley is the polestar of multifarious magnificence. Home to our second stage The Box and
Bone fide rave outpost The Frozen Mole, all of your dreams are about to come true.


The Box

The Box is our ace in the hole. Entertaining a line-up that would grace almost any other festival’s main stage, it’s the quintessence of Bestival, where awe-inspiring eclecticism is brought to life. Programmed for maximum aceness, The Box is where you’ll find the best breakthrough acts rubbing shoulders with cult heroes and international favourites.


The Frozen Mole

A cheeky little rave up and no mistake. The Frozen Mole is a subterranean gin palace of earthy cocktails and potent tipples with proper tunes fuelling the heads down action. An authentic slice of old skool partying, just remember, if your names not down, you’re not coming in.