Love-Bot Park

Love-Bot Park will play host to three incredible stages including The Box, and the welcome return of HMS Bestival. Honk honk! Plus, there’ll be all encompassing fun with Desperados Clubhouse, featuring Shoom, Sunday Best, and Flashback to: Adventures in the Beetroot Field, Colour The Night Parade, Giant Astronauts and, of course, our wonderful Love-Bot.



The Love-Bot helps to get the good vibes flowing across The Lulworth Estate. A colossal cyber-softy, the Love-Bot is a sleeping beauty that needs your love for his energy. Without it he rests in limbo, full of woe, as his joints gradually rust together and his internal batteries slowly run down… all he needs to come alive is someone to show him some love!

Standing eight metres tall and weighing in at a cuddly four tonnes, our bionic beauty uses love-detectors to sense affection and converts your positive emotions into an amorous display that will spread love and joy to one and all.


The Box

The Box is our ace in the hole. Entertaining a line-up that would grace almost any other festival’s main stage, it’s the quintessence of Bestival, where awe-inspiring eclecticism is brought to life. Programmed for maximum aceness, The Box is where you’ll find the best breakthrough acts rubbing shoulders with cult heroes and international favourites.



While cast adrift on tropical waves HMS Bestival, the ultimate oceanic party venue, has been commandeered by a fearless tribe of glamazonian babes on a touchy-feely mission. Now making her triumphant return from homoerotic voyages on saucy seas, you are gladly received aboard the finest gay cruise liner anywhere between here and the Costa Smeralda…

Be you sailor boy, mermaid or salty old sea dog, this is the glitter-strewn party to keep you high on the seas from noon until… well… noon

Weigh anchor!


Giant Astronauts

Resplendent in gleaming space suits, our very own super star-sailors stand at an astronomical seven metres tall and will be bathed in their own special cosmic light under starry skies. Sure to be an awe-inspiring sight, you won’t be able to miss our twin emblems of exploration and discovery.


Night Parades

As night time falls see the site come to life with the illuminated chaos and debauchery of the Night Parades. Motley apparitions, ghostly floats, spectral musicians, and supernatural puppetry will hypnotise you ensnaring you in each evening’s magic.