Vintage elegance in excelsis, discover the tumbledown awe of a brand-new world. Sample the delights of our hootch bar, delight in the decadence of the Supper club and encounter an authentic festival experience like no other. An arcadia of vintage caravans, wurlitzers, object d’art and alchemy, Caravanserai is a cocktail-fuelled hedonists paradise, filled with brain-warping delights, raucous gypsy-bathed madness and fat brass-powered beats, making it an unmissable stop in any party plan. Helmed by the inimitable Continental Drifts, expect theatrical wonders and eye-popping magic with vintage style, all with a deeply delicious cocktail menu at the bar!


Cirque Bijou

Cirque Bijou are Bristol based show makers, pushing the boundaries of contemporary circus, street theatre and spectacle, seeking out the new, unexpected and extraordinary.